IABtalks Keynote Speaker – Russ Leftwich, MD
Innovations in Achieving Interoperability
May 4, 2018

I’m going to talk about innovations in achieving interoperability, and I think we don’t usually think of data standards as innovative.  But I’m going to change your mind, I think.  FHIR, which is HL7’s newest clinical data standard, is in itself an innovation, and it enables innovation for people using healthcare data. 

Now, one thing that’s happened that makes FHIR a necessary innovation, if you will, is that the meaning of interoperability has really changed.  In the 1980s, interoperability was about connecting two systems together.  And that’s where the data standards we use today came from.  They were built to connect one system to another system, and then we’ve leveraged those standards to connect one system to multiple systems.  But those standards really weren’t designed to do that, and in the current decade, there was an estimate a few years ago that the average US hospital has ove…

IABtalks: February 23rd Industry Presentation & Networking Event | University of Utah School of Medicine | Department of Biomedical Informatics

IABtalks February 23, 2018 University of  Utah, School of Medicine Department of Biomedical Informatics

Theme: Natural Language Processing
Keynote Presentation by Gerasimos Petratos, CEO and Founder of Hiteks Solutions, Inc.
It is great to hear about all the applications of NLP happening amongst the students and in industry, I remember when I was in the DBMI program here in 2001 that NLP was identified as one of the enabling technologies for Health IT; in fact, one my Master’s thesis recommendations was to apply NLP to improve sensitivity and specificity of adverse drug event detection. Why Natural Language in Medicine? Did you know that human language in general can account for an almost infinite amount of ways to describe our outside world? So for clinical language, mainly derived from Greek and Latin, to describe our biological and medical worlds – so to speak – we have borrowed from our broader language system and added clinical terminologies with millions of clinical terms, lab tests, …